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No Fear X Skepta Collab Hoodie

No Fear X Skepta Collab Hoodie

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Size: XL

Colour: Black & White

Under Skepta’s creative direction, the ‘No Fear Forever’ range takes inspiration from the “origins of the brand” and the result is a twenty-two- piece collection which offers a nod to streetwear, whilst paying “homage to motocross”.

Created around a Great Britain camo print, one of the pieces is a breathable motocross jersey with 3M detailing and technical motocross pants, with lightweight panelling and mesh ventilation.

Skepta describes how the iconic No Fear logo had a significant effect on him from a young age: “Like all designs it’s always good to have a strong image, and growing up me and my friends loved the legendary No Fear logo.”

“No fear is a mindset that I stand for. It’s the reason why I’ve got to where I am today. ‘No Fear Forever’ just made sense. When I got forever tattooed on my throat, it meant that my legacy was going to live forever. So anything that I create, I do it because I believe it will live on, forever”.

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