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Bridgestone + Michelin Sponsored Vintage Racing Jacket

Bridgestone + Michelin Sponsored Vintage Racing Jacket

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Size: XL

Colour: Blue/Black

Racing jackets sponsored by Bridgestone and Michelin during that era were highly sought after by racing enthusiasts and collectors due to their association with top-tier racing competitions and teams. These jackets often featured the logos and branding of the respective companies prominently displayed on the front, back, and sleeves. They were typically made from high-quality materials like nylon, polyester, or leather to provide durability and protection against the elements.

The designs of these jackets varied, but they commonly incorporated the vibrant colors associated with the brands, such as Bridgestone's iconic red and white or Michelin's recognizable blue, yellow, and white. The jackets often featured multiple pockets, zip closures, and sometimes additional padding or patches in strategic areas for added comfort and protection.

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